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Loves to showcase dazzling personality in events? If yes, then adorn our beautifully carved collection of Gold Bangles, Necklaces, Pendants, etc..
Do Right Investment!

Do Right Investment!

What a wonderful idea would it be to buy jewelry, especially Diamond Rings, Gold Bangles that besides serving as an personality elevating accessory, works as an investment?
Perfections Are What We Serve

Perfections Are What We Serve

Lifetime investment, lasting impressions, celebrating personality and right gifts for loved ones, are all associated with the Perfections we serve in the form of Antique Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Gold Half Set, etc.
Love Beautifully Carved Jewelry?, Yes, We Serve That

Love Beautifully Carved Jewelry?, Yes, We Serve That! 

We feel immensely happy in letting all men and women know that their desires adorn their beautiful fingers, necks and hand wrists with unaltered jewelry pieces where perfection lies in the fine detailing work are all well-understood by us.

Senco Alankar- A Hub of Classic & Timeless Jewelry

If there would be any 'Perfect Add' to natural beauty of men and women that would be undoubtedly- 'Jewelry'. Carved in diverse precious materials such as diamond, gold, silver and pearl, jewelry is adding charm to personality of wearer since ages. As a medium of serving people of all age groups, an attractive collection of classic jewelry, our company takes immense pride in serving. As a manufacturer, with the help of talented team of people, having skilful hands, we are molding precious metals like gold and diamond into magnificent Diamond Rings, Gold Bangles, Gold Half Necklaces since 1937. It wouldn't be wrong if we call ourselves 'A Hub of Classic & Timeless Jewelry' because at our store, customers would find wide collection of jewelry masterpieces in several designs, patterns, styles whose polish and luster do not fades away with time. With an aim of expanding our market reach all over India, we are working tirelessly hard. Through the medium of diverse supply channels, we are selling to retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.
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